Vegan “Beef” Dumplings

Makes 50

1 Bag of “Beef” Plant Protein (Morning Star, Beyond Meat or Gardein)

1 Package of All Natural Won Ton Wraps or Choice of Wraps (Usually Found in Publix in Produce Where the Vegan Display is)

1 Tbl Spoon of Worcestershire Sauce

1 Generous Pinch of Ground Pepper

1 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper

1 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder

Generous Dash of Hot Sauce or Sriracha

Handful of Grated Carrots

1 Quarter of Chopped Yellow Onion

Generous Pinch of Bean Sprouts

Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil

I prefer to not add any salt to this because usually the plant protein & the Worcestershire sauce already has a lot of salt already in it. You can usually gauge how much Worcestershire sauce you want by adding a little at a time.

Start by pan searing the “beef” slowly – add the sauces & dry seasonings. Afterwards add the chopped carrots & onions. High cook those in a pan for 5 minutes then simmer for another 5.

While the pan is simmering, fill water in a cup or bowl with a small dash of salt in the water mixture. It is time to set up the Won Ton wraps.

For the wraps you will take your finger, dip in the water mixture & wet the four edges of the wrap with water. When the “beef” is done after ten minutes add the sprouts to the mix. Take a SMALL amount of “beef” to the middle of the wrap & fold one corner to the other.

Once the “beef” is wrapped get a pan going with your choice of oil on medium high heat. This is where you will judge how you like your dumplings cooked. Make sure to have a good amount of oil on the pan to prevent sticking & burnt food.

When done, serve with rice, avocado slices or ramen!



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  1. Oh WOW. Gotta try this.


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