Vegan Quinoa Burgers

Makes 12 Patties


2 Large Red Beets

3 Large Carrots

1 Cup of Quinoa

1 Small Onion

1 Handful of Chopped Mushrooms

Bean Sprouts

Chia Seeds

Vegan Mozzarella or Feta Cheese

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Salt & Pepper


Start the boil for the Quinoa  (Stovetop & microwave instructions on package).

Prepare your Beets, Carrots, Onions, Mushrooms & Sprouts. With a grater, grade medium/large slices of the Beets & Carrots. Then, finely chop the Onions & Mushrooms into the mix. Add 1 Tbl Spoon of Montreal Steak Seasoning, followed by salt & pepper to taste.

Because we are subbing for the use of eggs you will need to soak 1/2 cup of Chia seeds & two parts water – stir & let it sit for 10 minutes. When the consistency has reached a pudding-like texture, proceed to pour into the Beet mixture – Followed by the cooked Quinoa.

When evenly mixed, scoop a medium/large sized amount to ball & shape into a patty form. Pan seer 6 minutes on each side or preheat oven to 350 Degrees and cook for 12 minutes.

Serve on a gluten free bun or over Ezekiel bread & your choice of vegan cheese!


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