Detox Green Tea Goddess Mama

4 Bags of Organic Green Tea

1 Bag of Yogi Detox Tea

1 Large Orange

Handful of Mint Leaves

1/2 of a Lemon

Bee-Free or Oraganic Honey



Boil 1 Gallon of water over stove stop or desired water amount.

Place tea bags with thinly sliced oranges & lemons. Stir in desired amount of honey to-taste. Let water & tea settle until room temperature.

In lidded jars or container, place a handful of fresh mint at the bottom of each container (Rubbing the leaves before placing them in the container will release more flavor). Fill containers with tea & chill for two hours!

Since this is a Detox-Tea, I suggest drinking a good amount of water afterwards – do not drink after an intense session of hot yoga or working out – Water is your friend!


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